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Creating Appointment Views

Appointment Views determine the operatories and providers that show in the Appointment schedule and the information that shows in a view's appointment box.

  1. In the main menu, click Setup, Appointments, Appointment Views.

  1. If using Clinics, select the clinic first to filter the Views list to those associated with the clinic. The default selection will match the clinic selected in the Main Menu, Clinics. 'All' corresponds to 'Headquarters'. Users can only set up views for clinics they have access to.
  2. Click Add to create a new appointment view, or double click an existing view to edit.

To read detailed descriptions of all options on this window, see Appointment View Edit window.

  1. For Description, enter a name for the view.
  2. Set the appointment schedule's default start time.
  3. Select whether or not the bubble popup should show in this appointment view when the mouse hovers over an appointment.
  4. If using Clinics, verify the clinic this view will be assigned to. Change if needed.
  5. Select the Operatories and Provider Time Bars to show in the view.
  6. Select the information that will show in the appointment box.  Available Fields, Appt Field Defs, and Patient Field Defs list the fields that can be added. Highlight an item, then click the right arrow to move the item to the Main List. To remove an item from the box, highlight it, then click the left arrow.
  7. To change an item's color (text or background) or placement (main list, upper right, lower right) double click on it.

a. Click Change to Select a Color. Some color selections affect text color, others affect background color.
b. Highlight the alignment option. This determines whether the item shows in the Main List, Upper Right Corner (UR), or Lower Right Corner (LR).

  1. To change an item's sort order, highlight it, then click the Up/Down in the lower left.
  2. For UR stack behavior and LR stack behavior, select how items in the Upper Right Corner and Lower Right Corner will stack (vertically or horizontally).
  3. Click OK to save the view.


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