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Schedule Appointments

There are several ways to schedule an appointment. 

New Patient or Patient with No Scheduled/Unscheduled Appointments

  1. In the Appointments module, double click anywhere on the schedule, or click Make Appt.
  2. Select the patient. Double click on the patient to open the Edit Appointment window.
  3. Highlight the procedures to add to the appointment:
    • Click on a procedure to highlight/unhighlight it.
    • Click Attach All to quickly highlight all listed procedures with a single click.
    • Use the Quick Add list of grouped procedure codes to quickly add common procedures. These can be customized in Definitions, Appt Proc Quick Add.
    • Click Add to select a procedure from the Procedure Code List.
  4. Verify other appointment details. See Edit Appointment for a detailed explanation of all options.
  5. Click OK. 
    If the window was accessed via clicking on the schedule, the appointment will show in the operatory on the clicked on date/time. 
    If not, the appointment will be sent to the Pinboard.  
  6. If on the Pinboard, drag the appointment to the desired date, time, and operatory on the schedule.

Patients with a Planned Appointment, a scheduled appointment, an unscheduled appointment, or a Recall due

  1. In the Appointments module, double click anywhere on the schedule, or click Make Appt, Make Recall, or Fam Recall.  The Appointments for 'Patient' window will open. 
  2. Click a button to schedule the appointment:
    • Copy to Pinboard:  Copy the selected appointment to the Pinboard for scheduling.
    • Entire Family:  Send a Recall appointment for each family member, with necessary procedures, to the Pinboard.
    • Schedule Recall: Send a recall appointment for the selected patient, with the necessary procedures, to the Pinboard.
    • Create New Appt:  Open the Edit Appointment window to schedule a new appointment.


You can also schedule appointments from these areas:
Recall List
Unscheduled List
Planned Tracker
Planned Appointments

When procedures involve multiple appointments


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