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Customize the Appointment Schedule

The Appointment schedule can be customized for your practice. Define what shows on the schedule, colors used, and default settings.

Default Options and Settings: See Appointment Preferences.

Operatories: Define operatory names, default providers, and sort order in Operatory Setup. Set operatory name background color in Provider List, Appointment Color.

Providers: Each appointment can be color-coded by provider. On the left, a vertical, color-coded Time Bar also shows each provider's time. Hover over the colored square above the time bar to see the associated provider's name. Set colors in Provider List, Appointment Color.

Appointment Views: Set up different views for the appointment schedule. Each view controls which operatories and providers show on the schedule and what shows in an appointment box. Set up views for your hygiene rooms, one for each doctor, etc.

Schedule Time Increment: Options are 5, 10, and 15 minutes. See Setting the Time Increment.

Appointment Bubble: Customize the information that shows when you mouse over an appointment in the schedule in Setup, Display Fields

Appointment Grid Colors: Set colors for blockouts, holidays, open/closed times, etc. See Definitions, Appointment Colors.

Blockouts: Block out a set amount of time on the Appointment schedule. Customize blockout color, text, and duration. You can still schedule appointments over blockouts.

Schedules: Set open/closed hours and assign providers and operatories to blocks of time. Assigning a provider to an operatory in Schedules will:

  1. Change the operatory title bar color to the Provider's appointment color
  2. Cause a colored vertical bar to show in the appointment schedule along the left side of the time block.


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