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Appointment Views: Customizing Procedure Text Colors

If the ProcsColored field is added to an Appointment View, procedures within a defined code range can show in a different text color. In addition, a view can optionally show the last date a procedure in the range was completed.

  1. Add the ProcsColored field to the appointment view. See Creating Appointment Views.
  2. On the main Appointment Views window, click Proc Colors.

  1. Click Add or double click a code range to edit.

  1. Enter the procedure code range the text color will apply to.
  2. Click Change to select the text color to apply. See Select a Color.
  3. (Optional) To show the last date one of the procedures within the range was completed, check Show previous date. For example if previous BWs were taken in March of 2008, then 4BW (3/08) would show. The date for a single patient will always be the most recent of any code in that range. To list the most recent date of a specific procedure code, add another range for a single procedure code.
  4. Click OK to save.

Note: Changes will be immediately reflected in new appointments. To apply any changes to existing appointments run the 'Appt Procs' tool found under the Tools tab in Database Maintenance.


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