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Bridge - VixWinBase36

This VixWin bridge is no longer recommended. Instead use VixWin Numbered.

VixWinBase36 is a VixWin bridge that converst PatNums into base 36.  Website: www.gendexxray.com

To activate the bridge, in the Main Menu, click Setup, Program Links. Double click on VixWin(Base36) in the list. Check the Enabled box and click OK. You will now have a button in your Chart module labeled 'VixWinBase36'.

Technical Data
This data is provided for troubleshooting purposes.

Some practice management software store images in VixWin using base 36 numbers.  If a conversion to Open Dental is performed, then it may be necessary to use the VixWinBase36 bridge instead of the VixWin bridge in order to bridge properly from Open Dental to an existing VixWin installation. The bridge passes the patient number, but first converts it to a base 36 number.  The patient first and last name are also sent, with all spaces removed.  The Image Path is optional.   If the Image Path is specified, then VixWin will look for the patient images there.


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