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Canada - Technical Data 

This section applies only to existing Canada customers or developers

Import Claim Form
If you are already using Open Dental and wish to add the Canadian claim form, use this file: CanadianClaimForm.xml.  After downloading it, go to Setup, Claim Forms and import it. You will also need to place the background gif into your A to Z folder as described in Install Database below. 

To download the new claim form background use this file: Canada.zip.  It also includes a version 6.8.39 database should you need it.

Install Database
1. Right click on the Canada.zip link and select Save Target As... Save the file to a new folder on your C drive or on your desktop. 
2. Right click on the file and select Extract All to unzip it.   It will contain a database folder as well as the claim form image.
3. Stop the MySQL service: Right click MyComputer, Manage, Services and Applications, Services, then look for MySQL in the list. Highlight it, and stop the service.
4. Rename the old database at C:\mysql\data\opendental\. For example, rename the opendental folder to something meaningful like opendentaloldusa or opendental_2009_11_30.  Now there should not be an folder named opendental in C:\mysql\data\.
5. Copy the downloaded database folder called 'canada' into C:\mysql\data\, and rename it to opendental. Now, when you open C:\mysql\data\opendental\, you should see about 500 files, starting with account.frm, account.MYD, etc.
6. Copy the claim form gif into C:\OpenDentalData\. When you open C:\OpenDentalData\, you should see all 26 A-Z folders, the gif you just added, and a few other files and folders.
7. Restart the MySQL service.
8. Run Open Dental.

Changes to the Database
This is a list of changes that we will make to the posted database.  Until we make the changes, new users will make these changes themselves.

- Insurance Categories have better defaults.
- At least one provider should be entered and should have a fee schedule assigned.
- Practice setup set to use that provider.
- Verify that IsProsth is set for all crowns, bridges, ortho appliances, and dentures.
- Shorten procedure descriptions and abbreviations.


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