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Insurance Claim Payments

Entering Claim payments consists of two parts: 

  1. Receive each claim included on the EOB (enter payment amounts). 
  2. Attach the received claim(s) to the payment (finalize the payment).

Both steps must be completed. If insurance estimates are accurate, it should go fast and require few edits.

There are several ways to receive claim(s) and attach to payment(s), depending on your workflow.

  1. For single claim payments or a few claims on an EOB: 
    In the Account module, receive the claim(s), then finalize the payment to attach the claims to a payment. See Receive Claims and Finalize the Payment.
  2. Batch payments: 
    This is useful when there are many claims on a single EOB or when multiple people enter payments at the same time. There are two ways to enter batch payments.
    • In the Manage module, create the payment, then receive and attach claims. See Batch Insurance Payments.
    • In the Account module, receive the claims. See Receive Claims. Then in the Manage module create the payment and attach the claims. See Batch Insurance Payments.
  3. Electronic EOBs (ERAs):
    If your carrier supports ERA, payment amounts can be auto-populated. Then you can attach the claim to a payment. See Electronic EOBs (ERA 835).

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