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Send or Print Batch Insurance Claims

All Claims with a 'Waiting to Send' status can be printed or sent electronically as a batch.

  1. In the Manage module, click Send Claims.

The Claims Waiting to Send grid lists all claims with a 'Waiting to Send' status.  To preview a claim, double click it, or select it in the grid and click Preview.

  1. If needed, filter the list of claims.
    Clinic Filter: Click the dropdown to only list claims for a specific clinic. This is useful to send a clinic's claims to a specific clearinghouse.
    Next Unsent: Automatically select the next clinic with unsent claims.
    Custom Tracking Filter: Click the dropdown to only list claims by claim tracking status (Edit Claim - Status tab).

  2. Printing:
    To print all claims marked as 'Paper', click Print (don't select any claims). All claims marked as 'Paper' will auto-select and a confirmation message will show. Click OK to proceed.
    To print specific claims, select them, then click Print. Select multiple claims by clicking and dragging, pressing Ctrl while clicking, or pressing Shift while clicking.


    • Paper vs clearinghouse is determined by the setting 'Don't usually send electronically' on the Edit Insurance Plan window.
    • To print individual carrier lables, click Print Labels before printing the claims.
    • Printing a claim automatically changes its status to 'sent'.

  3. E-claims: All e-claims will be validated before sending to ensure no information is missing.
    To send all e-claims as a single batch to the clearinghouse listed in the Clearinghouse column, click Send E-Claims or click the dropdown to select the clearinghouse. A confirmation message will show. Click Yes to proceed. Note: Claims with 'Paper' as the clearinghouse will be ignored. 
    To send e-claims to a specific clearinghouse, select the claims, click the Send E-Claims dropdown, then select the clearinghouse.

Note: If sending secondary e-claims using Claim Connect and NEA Fast Attach, any attachments must be uploaded to NEA first. See E-claim Attachments.

As claims are printed or sent, they will list in the History grid.
For electronic EOBs received from a clearinghouse, see Electronic EOBs (ERA_835).
For other acknowledgement or text reports, see Managing Insurance Claims, Reports
For e-claim troubleshooting, see E-claim Complexities.

Validation of E-claims
Open Dental always validates e-claims when sending. If a claim has missing information, no claims in the batch will send and Missing Info will list in the last column. If a claim has already been sent, a warning will show and the claim will not be resent.

You can choose to check for missing information prior to sending.

  • To manually validate a claim, select it, then click Validate Claims.
  • To validate claims when the Insurance Claims window loads (before sending), check the 'Claim Send window validate on load' in Manage Module Preferences. This may be useful for smaller offices.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When sending medical e-claims, why do I receive a message 'Cannot send claim until missing data is fixed: proc e-claim note missing'?
A: All CPT codes that end in 99 require that an e-claim note is entered on the Procedure Info window.


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