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eClinicalWorks - New Customer Processes

Below is an overview of a typical eCW / Open Dental integration.  For more information, contact a support technician.

Things to Consider Early

  • The implementation timeline is generally 6-8 weeks for interface installation, configuration, and testing.
  • Plan for, and communicate, any data conversion needs as early as possible. It is important to develop a detailed plan for data migration. This may involve the eClinicalWorks migration team and/or the Open Dental conversion team and mean down time for your office. Data conversion can be complex and involve multiple 'conversions'. Planning is key.
    • Fees: If data migration is needed, there are data migration fees for eClinicalWorks and conversion fees for Open Dental. Costs should be discussed with both Open Dental and your eCW Project Manager.
    • eClinicalWorks performs PM data migration (e.g demographics/appointments).
    • Open Dental performs EMR migration if needed. A TEST environment may be required if a TEST conversion is needed.
  • Discuss your digital imaging needs with Open Dental.

Implementation Steps
Version Information: Before Open Dental can be installed eClinicalWorks version 9.0.35 or greater must be installed (with eClinicalWorks). If you are using a load balancer, then eCW version 9.0.49 should be installed.

Step 1: Open Dental Contract and Payment

  1. Contact an eClinicalWorks sales representative and open a case requesting an Open Dental interface installation.
  2. eCW will request that the customer contact Open Dental to obtain a contract. Email Open Dental at ecw@opendental.com or call 503-363-5432.
  3. Sign and return the Open Dental contract. We will send you an invoice for payment.
  4. Once payment is received, Open Dental will coordinate an Open Dental software installation.

Important: Your customer name registered with eCW should match the customer name registered with Open Dental.

Step 2: Interface Installation

  1. Review Open Dental HL7 server Hardware Requirements.
  2. Review technical information and details about eClinicalWorks / Open Dental integration.  eClinicalWorks Bridge
  3. Once Open Dental is installed, eClinicalWorks will schedule and perform an eCW interface installation.
  4. After eClinicalWorks has completed the interface installation, Open Dental will contact you to schedule an installation verification to make sure that the eClinicalWorks / Open Dental interface is turned on and fully functional.

Step 3: Data Migration, Setup, and Training

  • Data Migration: If data migration is needed we will schedule it after the interface installation is complete. The process requires close coordination between you, Open Dental, and eClinicalWorks. Typically there is down time for the office.
  • Prepare for your Go Live Date.
    • Your Go Live Date should be at least one week after installation verification.
    • Testing: Dedicate the week after installation verification to testing. This will minimize technical issues. For multiple locations, even longer lead time should be considered.
    • Training: Plan and schedule training for your staff. Open Dental provides one hour of online training per FTE provider. This is usually done as part of one or more group training sessions where users are connected to the Open Dental trainer via an internet meeting. For additional training options and prices, see Fees for Software, Support and Training.


Open Dental Software 1-503-363-5432