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EHR: Clinical (Medical) Lab Test Results

This information is old and has been replaced by the Modified Stage 2 requirements per the Final Rule, 10/7/2015.

EHR Stage 1: Menu Measure 2
EHR Stage 2: Core Measure 10


This measure is based on entry of CPOE Medical Lab Orders. If lab orders are entered, you can incorporate positive/negative or numeric results in Open Dental by importing or copying from a .txt file in HL7 format, or entering manually.

Exclusions Available? Yes.  This measure refers to medical lab orders, which are not usually ordered by dentists. Carefully review the measure's spec sheet to determine if you are eligible to claim an exclusion.



In Measure Reports, the percentage for Lab is calculated using the following information:

  • Denominator: The provider's CPOE Lab Orders during the reporting period.
  • Numerator: Orders in the denominator who have an entered result that is positive/negative or numeric.
    - Observation Value Type must equal Structured Numeric or Numeric. 
    - Must have a Code System/Element ID or Alt Code System/Alt Element ID, and it must be a SNOMED CT code.


EHR General Setup


Enter Medical Lab Orders (CPOE)
Import or Enter Medical Lab Test Results


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