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EHR: Imaging Results

On October 7, 2015, CMS released a new Final Rule for the EHR Incentive Program. The rule makes the reporting requirements for meaningful use easier for 2015 through 2017. See Modified Stage 2.

EHR Stage 2: Menu Measure 3


This measure is based on CPOE Radiology Orders created in Open Dental. To meet this measure, 10% of radiology orders must have an image attached. This will likely involve importing the x-ray from your digital imaging software into the Images module.

Exclusions Available? Yes.




  • Denominator:  The provider's CPOE radiology orders during the reporting period which are attached to images or which have been marked 'Waiting for Images'.
  • Numerator:  Orders in the denominator that have images attached.
Setup EHR General Setup


Enter CPOE Radiology Orders
Attach Imaging Results to a Radiology Order


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