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EHR:  Record Demographics

This information is old and has been replaced by the Modified Stage 2 requirements per the Final Rule, 10/7/2015.

EHR Stage 1: Core Measure 7
EHR Stage 2: Core Measure 3


Record demographic information for patients seen by the provider during the reporting period. Demographic information includes gender (sex), date of birth, preferred language, race, and ethnicity.

Exclusions Available? No



In the Measures Report, the provider percentage for Demographics is calculated using the following information:

  • Denominator: All unique patients with at least one completed procedure by the provider during the reporting period.
  • Numerator:  Patients in the denominator who have all required demographic elements entered.


EHR General Setup
Turn on Public Health
Set up Preferred Language Options


Webinar: Record Demographics

On the EHR Dashboard, click Enter demographics, or double click the Patient Information area in the Family or Chart module. The Edit Patient Information window will open.

  • Gender:  Select male, female, or unknown.
  • Birthdate:  Enter the patient's date of birth (MMDDYY). The patient age will automatically calculate.
  • Language:  Click the Language dropdown to select the patient's primary language, or indicate that they declined to specify.
  • Race:  Click the Race dropdown and highlight the patient's race, or indicate that they declined to specify.  Multiple race options can be selected.  Make sure only desired race options are highlighted.
  • Ethnicity:  Click the Ethnicity dropdown to select.

Technical Details

EHR users have two separate dropdowns for race and ethnicity, though they are combined when stored in the database.

The race options were taken from http://healthcare.nist.gov/docs/170.304.c_RecordDemographicsAmb_v1.1.pdf.  On page 3 of that document, there is a broken link to the government standards.  A live version is at http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/fedreg_directive_15. Scroll down about 4 pages to Appendix 1, where it describes the 4 different races. Open Dental includes 5 races.  There is a feature request, #1262, for adding more race options, but the existing 5 are sufficient for Meaningful Use.


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