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EHR Objective 4: E-Prescribing

Modified Stage 2


More than 50% of permissible prescriptions written by the provider are queried for a drug formulary and transmitted electronically (eRx).

Exclusions Available? Yes

  1. Provider writes less than 100 permissable prescriptions during the reporting period.
  2. Provider does not have a pharmacy in their organization, or there are no pharmacies that accept electronic prescriptions within 10 miles their practice location.

Note: EHR providers in New York must sign up for the comprehensive version of eRx so that drug interaction checks and formulary checks are enabled when orders are created. Because the state requires that you prescribe electronically, you do not qualify for the e-prescribing exclusion even if you write few prescriptions.


2017 Spec Sheet (PDF)

Webinar: E-Prescribing, Drug Interaction Checks, and Formulary Checks



  • Denominator:  All permissable prescriptions the provider made during the reporting period.
  • Numerator:  Prescriptions in the denominator transmitted electronically by the provider during the reporting period. 

Controlled Substances:  At this time, controlled substances prescriptions are not considered "permissible" prescriptions.

Drug Formulary: CMS recommends you capture and save one or more dated screenshots of formulary checks during the reporting period as supporting documentation.


  1. Enable Electronic Prescriptions (comprehensive version). This will give you the ability to transmit prescriptions and enable formulary checking.
  2. Set Up Formulary Checks
      - Add Health Plans to Your Acccount List
      - Attach Health Plans to a Patient


Write and Transmit Electronic Prescriptions. Automated formulary checks occur when you search for drugs.


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