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EHR: E-Prescribing

This information is old and has been replaced by the Modified Stage 2 requirements per the Final Rule, 10/7/2015. See EHR Objective 4 - E-Prescribing.

EHR Stage 1: Core Measure 4
EHR Stage 2: Core Measure 2


Generate and transmit permissable prescriptions electronically (eRx).

Stage 1: 40% of all permissable prescriptions written by the provider are transmitted electronically.

Stage 2: 50% of all permissable prescriptions written by the provider are queried for a drug formulary and transmitted electronically.

Exclusions Available? Yes
1. Provider writes less than 100 prescriptions during the reporting period.
2. Provider does not have a pharmacy in their organization, or there are no pharmacies that accept electronic prescriptions within 10 miles their practice location.



In the Measures Report, the percentage for Rx is calculated using the following information:

  • Denominator:  All permissable prescriptions the provider made during the reporting period.
  • Numerator:  Prescriptions in the denominator transmitted electronically by the provider during the reporting period. 

Controlled Substances:  At this time, controlled substances cannot be electronically prescribed.  However, controlled substances are not considered "permissable" prescriptions, and thus are not counted in the measure's numerator or denominator.  To prescribe a controlled substance, use Open Dental's New Rx feature, and check the Controlled Substance box. These prescriptons will count in your total prescription amount, but not the percentage calculation.  However, if your prescription total (controlled + non-controlled) equals more than 100, this will affect your eligibility to claim an exclusion.  To view your total prescriptions, Measure Reports, Calculation Details.


Enable Electronic Prescriptions (comprehensive version)

Other objectives can also be met using eRx - Comprehensive version:
- CPOE medication orders
- Drug-Drug and Drug-Allergy Interaction checks (automated).
- Drug Formulary Checks (required for Stage 2)


See Write and Transmit Electronic Prescriptions

Stage 1: If you write less than 100 prescriptions during the reporting period, you may decide to claim an exclusion for this measure and CPOE medication orders.  However, Drug Interaction Checks must still be enabled for the entire reporting period. You have two options:

  • Option 1:  Use eRx - Comprehensive version anyways so you can use automated drug interaction checks in eRx.
  • Option 2:  Apply for the exclusion, then write only paper Prescriptions and use Open Dental's Drug Interaction Alerts.  These prescriptions will count towards the e-Prescribing (Rx) denominator, but not the numerator. Only use this option if you are certain you will write less than 100 prescriptions.


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