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Documenting Family Health History

Document the health history of a patient's family member on the Medical window, Family Health History tab. This tab is only visible if EHR is turned on.

  1. In the Chart module, double click the pink medical area, on the EHR dashboard click Enter family history.
  2. Click the Family Health History tab.

  1. Click Add Family History, or double click an entry to edit.

  1. Enter the relationship details:
     Select the family member's relationship to the patient.
    Name:  Enter the family member's name.
    Problem:  Click Pick to select a problem from the Master Problem List.  It must be a problem with a SNOMED CT code. 
  2. Click OK to save.

You may select a 'no problems known' problem from the master list, however it must be associated with a SNOMED CT code.  Code #160245001 has a description of 'No current problems or disability (situation)'.


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