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The InfoButton gives a direct link to MedLine Plus where you can find additional clinical information.  The InfoButton only shows for users with the ' Show i' CDS permission

Click the InfoButton.

This information is used to construct the message sent to MedLine Plus.  Some information fields are for validation only; others are not currently used.

Patient:  The patient (validation).

Provider:  The patient's provider (validation).

Administrative Gender:  The patient's gender (validation).

Encounter: Not currently used.

Requestor/Recipient:  May affect the complexity of the information returned by MedLine Plus (for provider or patient).

Task Code:  Not currently used.

Knowledge Request Form:  The items entered will be sent to MedLine Plus to filter results.  Only coded items will be recognized.  To add an item, click Problem, RxNorm, Allergy, SNOMED CT, ICD9, ICD10, or LOINC

Preview Request:  View the message sent to MedLine Plus.

Send:  Send the message and view results in MedLine Plus.

Cancel:  Close the window without sending the message to MedLine Plus.


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