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EHR:  Active Medication List

This information is old and has been replaced by the Modifed Stage 2 requirements per the Final Rule, 10/7/2015.

EHR Stage 1: Core Measure 5


A patient's medication list should contain a list of current medications or an indication that no medications are known.

Medications show on Summaries of Care and Clinical Summaries.  They are also used for Open Dental Drug-Drug Interaction Checks. If using Electronic Prescriptions (eRx), medication orders and prescriptions entered in eRx will be pulled into the patient's medication list when the Chart module is refreshed.

Exclusions Available? No




  • Denominator: All unique patients with at least one completed procedure by the provider during the reporting period.
  • Numerator:  Patients in the denominator with at least one medication list entry or an entry with an indicator of 'no medications'.


EHR General Setup

There are three steps:

  • Associate all medications in the Medication Master List with an RxNorm
  • In the master medication list, create an option to indicate 'no medications'. 
  • In Chart Module Preferences, select the 'no medications' option as the 'Indicator that patient has no medications'. 


Patient Medication List
Webinar: Documenting Current Problems, Medications, and Allergies (GoToMeeting)


For Clinical Quality Measure #68, Document Current Meds, a provider should verify during every patient encounter that the patient's medication list is current to the best of his/her knowledge and ability. To affect the numerator for this CQM, on the Medical window click the radio button to attest that that you have documented current medications.

CQM Definitions (description, denominator, numerator)
Set a Default CQM Encounter Code
Attest that Current Medications are Documented


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