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Assess Tobacco Use and Document Interventions

Smoking status, tobacco use, and documented interventions affect Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) in EHR Modified Stage 2.

There are three ways to open the Tobacco Use tab.

  1. Double click in the Patient Info Medical Area of the Chart module, then click the Tobacco Use tab.
  2. Double click the Tobacco Use row in the Chart module, Patient Info medical area. To add this row to the Patient Info area, in Display Fields, add 'Tobacco Use' to ChartPatientInformation.
  3. On the EHR Dashboard, click Edit smoking status. 

A history of the patient's smoking status, tobacco use, and interventions show on the right. 

Current Smoking Status
This status affects the percentage calculation for EHR: Smoking Status. Click the dropdown to select the patient's current smoking status.  The available options are based on SNOMED CT codes.  If 'none' is the selection, the status will not be counted in the numerator. Only one status selection per day will be added to the Assessment History.

Tobacco Use Screening and Cessation Intervention (CQM)
Document information for CQM #138 (Preventive Care and Screening: Tobacco Use: Screening and Cessation Intervention). This CQM calculates how many patients 18 years and older are assessed as 'tobacco user' and also receive a cessation counseling intervention. 

Tobacco Use Assessment: Assess the patient's tobacco use. The date defaults to today's date.

  1. Select the Assessment Type option that best describes the question asked to the patient.  There are three options:
    History of tobacco use Narrative.
    Have you used tobacco in the last 30 days SAMH.
    Have you used smokeless tobacco product in the last 30 days SAMH.
  2. (optional) Select a Filter Statuses By option to filter the Tobacco Status list.
    All = all statuses
    User = status options for tobacco users
    Non-User = status options for non-tobacco users
    Frequent = status options used most often
  3. Click the Tobacco Status dropdown to select the patient's current tobacco status. The available options are based on SNOMED CT codes.  To select a different code, select 'Choose from all SNOMED CT codes'.  If you use a code that is not recommended CQMs percentages may be affected.
  4. Click Add Assessment. A log entry for today's date will be added to the Assessment History. Multiple entries can be added for the same day.

To edit an assessment date, enter notes, document tobacco use start date, or rate desire to quit, double click an Assessment History log entry.

The following items can be changed:

  • Date Time
  • More information about the event: Any relevant notes.
  • Tobacco Use Start Date: The date when the patient started using tobacco (MM/DD/YY). Open Dental will automatically calculate the duration. Informational only.
  • Tobacco Use Desire to Quit: Rate the patient's desire to quit using tobacco on a scale of 1 - 10. Informational only.

Cessation Intervention: If patient is assessed as a tobacco user, document an Intervention. The date defaults to today's date.

  1. (optional) Select a Filter Codes by option to filter the Intervention Code list.
    All = all interventions
    User = interventions for tobacco users
    Non-User = interventions for non-tobacco users
    Frequent = interventions used most often
  2. Click the Intervention Code dropdown to select the intervention.
  3. Patient Declined: Check to indicate a patient is declining the intervention (optional). This is informational only. Declined interventions still count in CQMs.
  4. Click Add Intervention to add a log entry to Intervention History. If you select a medication, the Medication for Patient window will open so you can enter instructions and start date. The medication will be added to the patient's Medication List.

To edit an intervention's date or patient declined status, enter notes, or delete an intervention, double click the intervention under Intervention History. The documented intervention will be highlighted in the list.


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