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EHR Stage 1 Meaningful Use

On October 7, 2015, CMS released a new Final Rule for the EHR Incentive Program. The rule makes the reporting requirements for meaningful use easier for 2015 through 2017. See Modified Stage 2.

The information below reflects old stage 1 requirements.

EHR Stage 1 requires that eligible providers (EPs) demonstrate Meaningful Use (MU) for 18 objectives and report on 9 Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs):

Some requirements may fall outside the scope of a typical dental practice.  In some cases, you may qualify for exclusions if you meet certain criteria. In others, you will still need to meet benchmarks, even if it requires extra data entry or work.  Carefully review each measure before you begin.  Identify the steps you need to accomplish, prepare a plan of action and document your compliancy along the way.

General Information

Before you Begin

  • Before you Begin a Reporting Period
  • EHR Setup:  Several items must be configured BEFORE you start a reporting period.  If not set up correctly, measure reports and clinical quality measure percentages will not be accurate.

Enter Patient Data

Reports and Attestation

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Resources on CMS.gov.

Stage 2 MU


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