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EHR Stage 1 Core Measures

On October 7, 2015, CMS released a new Final Rule for the EHR Incentive Program. The rule makes the reporting requirements for meaningful use easier for 2015 through 2017. See Modified Stage 2 for details.

The information below reflects old stage 1 requirements.

For EHR Stage 1 there were 13 required core measures. Providers had to meet every core measure or qualify for an exclusion.  These measures may require additional setup and extra data entry.

The information below was provided to help prepare for a successful MU reporting period.  Our recommendations are only a guide, based on our understanding of meaningful use requirements.  For more details, refer to the Stage 1 Specification Sheets (PDF).  We recommend that you always contact your state with any questions and for final recommendations.  

Also see Stage 1 Menu Measures.

Core Measure Exclusion Available Guidance Type*
CPOE for medication orders Yes To be counted as CPOE, the user Logged-On to Open Dental when creating a medication order must be a provider.  An exclusion is available if you write less than 100 prescriptions during the reporting period.  %
Drug-Drug and Drug-Allergy Checks No  You are required to have drug interaction checks enabled for the entire reporting period, even if you are eligible for CPOE medication order or electronic prescription exclusions. Some states may request screenshots of interaction alerts as supporting evidence (when you attest or if you are audited).
Option 1:  Use the interaction checks in eRx - Comprehensive.
Option 2:  Set up alerts in Open Dental (only an option if you will write less than 100 prescriptions).
Problem List No Maintain an active problem list for patients (or indicate "no problems"). %
Electronic Prescriptions Yes Use eRx - Comprehensive to generate and transmit prescriptions.  An exclusion is available if you write less than 100 prescriptions during the reporting period or don't have a pharmacy that accepts prescriptions within 10 miles.  %
Medication List No Maintain an active medication list for patients (or indicate "no medications"). %
Allergy List No Maintain an active allergy list for patients (or indicate "no allergies"). %
Demographics No Enter patient's preferred language, gender, race, ethnicity, and date of birth. %
Vital Signs Yes Enter height, weight, and blood pressure for patients who are 3 or older.  There are several exclusion options if you believe a measurement has no relevance to scope of practice. Refer to the Record Vital Signs specification sheet. %
Smoking Status Yes Record smoking status for patients 13 or older.  An exclusion is only available if you see no patients 13 or older. %
Clinical Decision Support Rules No Set up one clinical decision support rule. Y/N
Patient Electronic Access Yes Set up the Patient Portal, then grant access to patients within 4 business days after information is available to provider.  There is an exclusion, but it is unlikely dentists will qualify. It is only available for providers who don't order or create any of the information that must be available in the portal.  Most dentists will create this information (e.g. demographics, procedures, problem, medication, and allergy lists.)  See the Patient Electronic Access (PDF) spec sheet for a detailed list of what information must be available.  Time-sensitive. %
Clinical Summaries
Yes Provide clinical summaries (CCDs) to patients within 3 business days of an office visit.  An exclusion is only available if you have no office visits during the reporting period. Time-sensitive. %
Protect Electronic Health Information No Conduct or review a Security Risk Analysis and implement security updates.  See HIPAA. Y/N

*Y/N means that during attestation the measure requires a Yes or No answer.  % indicates the measure requires a percentage calculation (with denominator, numerator).


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