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EHR Stage 1 Menu Measures

On October 7, 2015, CMS released a new Final Rule for the EHR Incentive Program. The rule makes the reporting requirements for meaningful use easier for 2015 through 2017. See Modified Stage 2 for details.

The information below reflects old stage 1 requirements.

For EHR Stage 1 there were 9 menu measure options to choose. You had to report on 5, and of those 1 had to be a public health measure.  For some measures, providers can claim an exclusion if certain criteria is met. Before beginning a reporting period, choose which 5 measures you will attest to, then make a plan.  Addition setup or extra data entry may be required. 

The information below is provided to help you make good and practical decisions.  Our recommendations are only a guide, based on our understanding of meaningful use requirements.  For more details, refer to the Stage 1 Specification Sheets (PDF).  We recommend that you always contact your state with any questions and for final recommendations.  

Exclusions:  Keep in mind that while exclusions may be available, according to CMS.gov you cannot select a menu objective and claim the exclusion if there are other menu objectives that you could report on instead.  See  http://www.cms.gov/Regulations-and-Guidance/Legislation/EHRIncentivePrograms/Downloads/Stage1ChangesTipsheet.pdf

Also see Stage 1 Core Measures

Open Dental Menu Measure Exclusion Available Guidance Type
Yes Drug Formulary Checks Yes This is a good option.  The functionality must be enabled for the entire reporting period.  Use eRx comprehensive version.  An exclusion is available if you write less than 100 prescriptions.  Y/N
Yes Patient Lists No This is a good option.  Keep a copy of the patient list in case of audit. Y/N
Yes Patient Reminders Yes This is a good option if you see any patients within the age group (65 or older, 5 or younger).  Reminders will be documented as 'sent' when you send recall reminders using the Recall List. Or they can be manually marked as sent on the Reminders window. %
Yes Education Resources No This is a good option.  Once you set up resources, it requires minimal data entry and can provide helpful patient materials. %
Yes Summary of Care record Yes This is an option if you refer or transfer patients to another provider. %
Yes Medication Reconciliation Yes This is an option if you receive electronic or paper Summaries of Care (CCDs) from other providers. %
Yes Clinical Lab Test Results


These labs refer to medical labs (e.g. blood work), not dental labs.  Most dentists do not order medical labs.  If you order no lab tests with positive/negative or numeric results, you can claim an exclusion.  %
Yes (Export) *Immunization Registries Yes

These are public health measures, so you must choose at least one.  Most dentists do not administer vaccines or collect syndromic data, thus would be eligible for exclusions. According to CMS.gov, if you can meet a public health measure, you should select and report on it.  If you can be excluded from both, you should claim an exclusion from only one public health measure, then select four additional menu measures you can meet.    https://questions.cms.gov/faq.php?id=5005&faqId=2903 

*Syndromic Surveillance Data Yes

* Indicates a public health measure.
For Type, Y/N means that during attestation the measure requires a Yes or No answer.  % indicates the measure requires a percentage calculation (with denominator, numerator).


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