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EHR Stage 2 Menu Measures

On October 7, 2015, CMS released a new Final Rule for the EHR Incentive Program. The rule makes the reporting requirements for meaningful use easier for 2015 through 2017. See Modified Stage 2.

The information below reflects old stage 2 requirements.

For EHR Stage 2 there are 6 menu measure options.  You must choose and report on 3.  

Choosing menu measures can be confusing because measures may fall outside the scope of a normal dental practice. Before beginning a reporting period, choose the 3 measures you will attest to, then make a plan.  Additional setup or extra data entry may be required.

We are providing the information below to help you make good and practical decisions.  Our recommendations are only a guide, based on our understanding of  MU requirements.  For more details, refer to the Stage 2 Specification Sheets (pdf).  We recommend that you always contact your state with any questions and for final recommendations.  

Exclusions:  There are exclusions available if a provider meets certain criteria. Keep in mind that, according to CMS.gov, you cannot select a menu objective and claim the exclusion if there are other menu objectives that you could report on instead.  See  http://www.cms.gov/Regulations-and-Guidance/Legislation/EHRIncentivePrograms/Downloads/Stage1ChangesTipsheet.pdf

Also see Stage 2 Core Measures

Open Dental Menu Measure Exclusion Available Guidance Type
Yes Electronic Notes Yes This is a good option.  Simply enter and sign procedure notes. %
Yes Family Health History Yes This is a good option.  Document family health history on the Medical window. %
Yes Imaging Results Yes
This is an option. Just 10% of CPOE radiology orders need to have an image (x-ray) attached. This will likely involve importing an x-ray (e.g. bitewing) from your digital imaging software into the images module. %
Yes (export) Syndromic Surveillance Data Yes Most dentists do not collect syndromic information, thus may be eligible for the exclusion. Y/N
No Report Cancer Cases Yes An exclusion is available for providers who do not diagnose or directly treat cancer. Y/N
No Report Specific Cases Yes An exclusion is available for providers who do not diagnose or directly treat a disease associated with a specialized registry. Y/N


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