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EHR: Syndromic Surveillance Data Submission

This information is old and has been replaced by the Modified Stage 2 requirements per the Final Rule, 10/7/2015. See EHR Objective 10: Public Health Reporting.

EHR Stage 1: Menu Measure 9 (public health measure)
EHR Stage 2: Menu Measure 1


Syndromic surveillance observations can be entered in Open Dental then exported as an HL7 ADT standardized message.  Open Dental does not automatically transport data to the public health agency.  Instead, you must send data based on each state's required transport method. 

Stage 1: Conduct at least one test of the certified EHR software's capacity to submit syndromic data to public health agencies and follow-up submission if test is successful. At least one of the 5 menu measures you attest to must be a public health measure, even if it means claiming an exclusion.  Syndromic data and Immunizations are the two public health measures supported in Open Dental.  For help determining which one to choose and how to attest, see EHR Stage 1 MU FAQ.

Stage 2: Ongoing submission of syndromic data from EHR certified software to public health agency for entire reporting period. Since dentists usually don't collect syndromic data, we recommend choosing other menu measures you can meet.

Exclusions Available? Yes

Since dentists do not usually administer vaccines, you may qualify for an exclusion. However, each state may vary in requirements.  Contact your state early to determine requirements, sign legal agreements, or begin the on-boarding process.  Even if you intend to claim an exclusion, you may need to sign participation agreements or addendums. For a full list of public health agencies by state, see http://www.aphl.org/aphlprograms/informatics/Pages/MU2PHAReadiness.aspx.

Example:  Kentucky, Stage 1.  To attest for this measure in Kentucky, all EPs, including those who claim an exclusion, must have a signed participation agreement and syndromic surveillance authorization addendum on file with KHIE. Contact KHIE for information. KHIE 2014 MU Guidance (PDF)


Calculations This is a yes/no measure and not based on a percentage calculation. CMS recommends you retain supporting documentation for your attestation choice.
Setup EHR General Setup
Instructions Enter Syndromic Surveillance Data
Export Syndromic Surveillance Data


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