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eRx Training Resources

If you are using eRx, the following resources may be helpful.

Webinar: Using eRx

To access some of the areas below, you need to launch eRx (click eRx button in Open Dental).

Open Dental Manual Pages


  • eRx will configure itself with use.  The more you use it, the more information that will be available. 
  • Use the tabs across the top of the interface to move through the system. 
    • Select Dr./Staff:  When you launch from Open Dental, the doctor/staff is passed to eRx.
    • Compose Rx:  Where each new prescription begins.
    • Med Entry: Enter a medication without prescribing.
    • Patient Details:  General patient information.  Usually pre-filled.
    • Diagnoses: Patient diagnoses and past medical history.  Used for drug disease checking. 
    • Admin: Training materials, health plan and pharmacy lists.


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