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Generate Exam Sheets

Exam sheets for a patient can be generated in the patient's Chart module.

To view or create an exam sheet for a patient:

  1. In the Chart module toolbar, click Exam Sheet.

The Exam Sheets grid is a dated log of any exam sheets that have already been created for this patient.

  • Setup:  Click Setup, then Sheets to quickly jump to Sheet Setup where you can add or customize exam sheets.
  • Show Type/Custom Types:  Filter the grid by sheet description.  Click on a Custom Type, or enter the description in the Show Type box.
  1. Click Add to create a new exam sheet.

Sheets with a type of 'Exam Sheet' will list. 

  1. Double click on an exam sheet to open.
  2. Fill it Out.  Pale yellow areas indicate data entry areas. 

Below is an example of the internal Exam Sheet.

  1. To print or email an exam sheet, click Print/Email.

  1. By default, paper copies will be 1 and the Email to patient box will not be checked. If an email is entered for the patient, it will show. Change the settings as needed then click OK.


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