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General Overview  

Open Dental has one main window with seven modules.  This makes navigation easy and keeps the screen and task bar uncluttered.  To switch modules, click the associated button in the vertical toolbar on the left side of the window.

Appointments module
Family module
Account module
Treatment Plan module
Chart module
Images module
Manage module

Two Modules Open at Same Time:  Sometimes you may want two modules open at the same time.  For example, you may want to view the appointment schedule while managing accounts.  Or perhaps you want to compare two different patients side by side.  In these scenarios, simply open two instances of Open Dental.

Title Bar:  In the upper left corner of the main window, the title, logged-in user, and currently selected patient are identified.  Options can be customized in Miscellaneous Setup

Main Menu and main Toolbar:  The Main Menu and main Toolbar show in all modules.  There is also a second toolbar specific to each module.

Optional Features:  Messaging Buttons and Tasks Lists are optional features you can use to facilitate inter-office communication.


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