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ICD-9 Codes

ICD-9 codes can be attached to Problems and Procedures

5/22/2015: We are aware of the upcoming transition to ICD-10 codes and are working on implementation.

Download ICD-9 Codes
Downloading ICD-9 codes is optional.

  • To attach an ICD-9 code to a problem, the codes must be downloaded then chosen from a pick list. 
  • For procedures, ICD-9 codes can be manually entered or chosen from a pick list. 

To download or update ICD-9 Codes, see Import Coding Systems.  View the list of ICD-9 codes in the EHR Setup window.

Assign ICD-9 Codes

  • Problems:  To attach an ICD-9 code, click the ICD-9 Code pick list button [...] on the Problem Def Edit window. 
  • Procedures: Attach ICD-9 codes on the Procedure Info - Medical tab.   Enter the code(s) manually or click a ICD-9 Diagnosis Code pick list button [...].

If choosing from a pick list, at first the list will be empty.  Enter the first few characters of the description or code, then click Search. To see all ICD-9 codes, leave the code and description blank, then click Search.

Double click the ICD-9 code to select it and close the window.


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