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Treatment Plan Module Preferences

Here you can set default options and settings for the Treatment Plan module. Check a box to turn a preference on; uncheck a box to turn it off.

In the main menu click Setup, Treat'Plan, or Setup, Module Preferences, Treat'Plan tab.

Default Note: The default note that shows on a treatment plan (in the Note box in the Treatment Plan module). It can be very long and complex if needed and supports Quick Paste Notes. If the default note is changed, you will be asked if you want to change the default note for existing unsaved treatment plans.

  • If you choose 'Yes', the note will only change on unsaved treatment plans that use the default note. Notes that have been customized in unsaved treatment plans and notes in saved treatment plans will not be replaced.
  • If you choose 'No', only notes in new treatment plans will show the new default note.

Show Completed Work on Graphical Tooth Chart: Set the default option for showing completed procedures on the printed tooth chart.  The option can also be changed in the Treatment Plan module by checking/unchecking the Graphic Completed Tx under Show.

  • Checked: By default completed procedures will show on the printed tooth chart.
  • Unchecked: By default completed procedures will not show on the printed tooth chart.

Procedure discount adj type: The default adjustment type that is added to the patient Account when treatment planned procedures with a Procedure Discount are set complete. The available options are set in Definitions, Adj Types.

Procedure discount percentage: The default percentage used for Procedure Discounts.

Itemize Treatment Plan: Set whether printed treatment plans will show itemized fees or grand total only.

  • Checked (default): Printed treatment plan show itemized procedures.
  • Unchecked: Printed treatment plans only show the Total amount and no itemized fees.

Save Signed Treatment Plans to PDF: This box is automatically checked when 'Treatment Plans use Sheets' is checked.

  • Checked: All signed treatments plans will be automatically be saved as PDFs.
  • Unchecked: Signed treatment plans will not be automatically saved as PDFs.

Treatment Plans use Sheets: In version 17.1 and greater, this preference is removed because all treatment plans use sheets automatically.
In version 16.4 and earlier: Select whether treatment plans will use the classic format or a custom format designed in Sheets.

  • Unchecked (default): Treatment plans will use the classic format (not Sheets).
  • Checked: Treatment plans will use the custom treatment plan designed using Sheets. See Customize Treatment Plans using Sheets. If this box is checked, 'Save Signed Treatment Plans to PDF' is also automatically checked.

Enable Insurance Frequency Checking: Determines whether a procedure's frequency limitations (Benefit Info) affect insurance estimates (e.g. BWs, Panos/FMX, Exams, or custom frequency limitation benefits). See Insurance Frequency Checking.

  • Checked (default): Check for insurance frequency limitations when calculating insurance estimates in the Treatment Plan module. Also check for frequency conflicts when scheduling an appointment.
  • Unchecked: Frequency limitations will not affect insurance estimates and are for reference only.

The following settings determine which codes are affected by each frequency limitation, if insurance frequency checking is enabled. Separate multiple codes by comma (e.g. D0272,D0274).

  • Bitewing Codes: The procedure codes affected by the BWs frequency limitation.
  • Pano/FMX Codes: The procedure codes affected by the Pano/FMX frequency limitation.
  • Exam Codes: The procedure codes affected by the Exams frequency limitation.

Sort Procedures By: Determines how procedures in the Treatment Plan module are sorted by default.

  • Tooth: Procedures will be sorted by tooth number.
  • Order Entered: Procedures will be sorted in the order they are entered.


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