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Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is an eService hosted by Open Dental and gives patients instant access to their health information. It also allows providers and patients to exchange private, secure WebMail messages. The Patient Portal is free of charge while on support.

Webinar: Patient Portal Setup and Access

Get Started

  1. Set up the Patient Portal
  2. For online payments: Set up X-Charge
  3. Grant Access to Patients

What the Patient Sees

Other Resources

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  • For a list of supported browsers, see Computer Requirements.
  • The Patient Portal is not yet optimized for mobile devices (e.g. smart phones and tablets) and cannot be used on Windows phones.

You do have the option to host your own patient portal. This is a highly technical process and Open Dental does not provide support on this setup. You must still be on support and have an active registration key. See Patient Portal Setup: Host Your Own.


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