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Electronic Payer IDs 

Electronic Payer IDs are sometimes used when submitting E-claims

Make sure to always verify that the electronic payor ID for a carrier is correct.  If you use the wrong ID you may have to resubmit claims at your own expense. Some payors may have Commercial and Government payor IDs, and we may not list both.  If in doubt and sending a large number of claims to a payor you have not previously sent to using Open Dental, you should verify the ID with the carrier. 

This list can be used as a reference when you need to find an electronic payer ID.  This list also appears when you click Search IDs on the Edit Insurance Plan window.  Another place to enter the ID is in Insurance Carrier setup.  However, electronic IDs attached to a carrier do not automatically appear in this list. 

  1. In the main menu, click Setup, Family/Insurance, Payer IDs.

A list of known electronic payer IDs are already setup in Open Dental.

  1. To add a new electronic payer ID, click Add.

  1. Enter the Payer ID, Carrier Name, and any comments. If this is Medicaid, check the Is Medicaid box.
  2. Click OK to save.


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