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Interoperability with Other Software

Open Dental Software seamlessly exchanges information with many third party programs, from communication services to credit card processing.

Supplemental Services and Products
Business Intelligence Dashboards and KPIs
Communication Services
Dental Business Consulting
Miscellaneous Services
Mobile Applications
Patient Registration

Review Generation

Credit Card Processing
Electronic Billing
HL7 Medical Software

Word, Excel, Access, Open Office

Program Bridges
Within Open Dental you can link to external programs that you use within your practice. We call these links "bridges", and all you need to do is set up a Program Link. You can even add a clickable button or menu option that launches the program. Below is a list of program bridges included with Open Dental, with links to detailed setup information.

Imaging Software
Open Dental works well with imaging programs you purchase from your hardware vendor or with independent software. The best way to link a digital imaging program to Open Dental is with a bridge. The digital images will not be visible in the patient's Chart or Images module automatically, but you can choose to import them. We do not recommend any particular brand of sensor or software.

For a list of companies that manufacture hardware and software, see Imaging Hardware and Software.

Acteon Ewoo EasyDent QSI Image (see Apteryx)
ADSTRA Imaging Florida Probe RayMage
AFP Imaging Fona OrisWin (see Trophy Enhanced) Romexis (see Planmeca)
Apex Sensors (see Apteryx) Gendex VixWin Scanora
Apixia Genoray Triana ScanX Visix (uses TigerView bridge)
Apteryx HandyDentist Schick CDR Dicom
Apteryx XV Web Harmony Imaging (see Cliosoft) Sigma Image XRV (see Apteryx)
Belmont XV (see Apteryx) iCat Sirona SIDEXIS XG
BioPAK i-Dixel SMARTDent
CADI Image FX (see Patient Gallery) Sopro
Camsight Image XL (see Apteryx) Soredex Optime (see Digora)
Carestream iRYS SpeedVision (see Lightyear Speedvision)
CaptureLink Kodak (see Trophy) TigerView
Cerec Lightyear (see Apteryx) Trophy, Trophy Enhanced
CleaRay Lightyear SpeedVision (no longer sold) Tscan
Cliniview (also see Apteryx) LynxVision Pro (see Apteryx) Vatech (see Ewoo EasyDent)
ClioSoft MaxiViewer (see Apteryx) Vipersoft (now Dentrix Clarity. No longer sold)
DBSwin by Duerr MediaDent VisionDent (see Apteryx)
DDS Works (see Apteryx) MiPACS Visix (uses TigerView bridge)
DentalEye MPDx (see Apteryx) visOra
DentalStudio NewTom NNT VistaDent
DentiMax Advanced (see Apteryx) OneView (see Apteryx) VixWin (old)
Dentio (see Camsight) Oriview (see Apteryx) VixWin (new) (see Gendex)
Dent-x ProImage (see AFP Imaging) OrthoCAD VixWinBase41
Dexis OrthoPlex VixWinBase36
Digora Soredex Optime Owandy XDR
Dimaxis (see Planmeca) Patient Gallery XL Dent (see Apteryx)
Dolphin Patterson Imaging XVlite (see Apteryx)
Dr. Ceph Planmeca Z-Image
Dr. Suni (see Apteryx) PreXion  
DXIS Prof Suni (see Apteryx)  
Electronic Rx Progeny
Eva (see AFP Imaging) ProImage (see AFP Imaging)  
Evasoft (also see AFP Imaging) QuickVision (see Owandy)  

It is usually very complex or not possible to go from unbridged imaging to bridged. The exception is Patterson Imaging.

Other Programs
Audaxceph: X-ray analysis software
Text Messaging.
Care Credit
Central Data Storage: Offsite STaaS (storage as a service).
Demandforce: Marketing and communication platform for dental practices.
Divvy: Direct mail.
Easy Notes Pro 
Evernote: Note-taking software.
eClinicalWorks: Medical practice management software.
TeleVox HouseCalls: Appointment reminders.
Insurance Answers Plus: Database of insurance coverage organized by employer and plan.
Microsoft Office/Open Office
: Medical practice management software.
NewCrop - see Electronic Prescriptions
PandaPerio: Periodontal charting software.
PayConnect: Credit card processing.
PerioPal: Voice activated software for periodontal examinations.
PracticeWeb Reports
PT Dental, PT Dental Update: Paperless technologies.
Rapid Call : Automated voicemail message deployment.
Smile Reminder: Patient messaging, bridges to Open Dental.
Trojan: Insurance benefit information.
X-Charge: Credit card processing.

Imaging Systems
Panoramic: X-rays

Bridge Requests
We pursue all requests for basic imaging bridges. There may be a handful of imaging software companies that have not responded to our contact attempts for bridging details. These requests are put on hold until we hear from the imaging software company. If you want to use a software that we do not bridge to, please let us know.


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