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Recall: General Setup

For Recall to work correctly, there are several items in Open Dental that must be set up correctly.  This setup also affects Web Sched Recall.

  • Providers: Add providers and hygienists.
  • Operatories: Create operatories and assign the default providers.  If using Web Sched, designate Web Sched operatories.
  • Schedules: The schedule should extend as far into the future as you want to schedule appointments.  For example, you can't schedule recall appointments 6 months in the future if there is no schedule set 6 months out.
    • Every provider and hygienist should have a schedule. 
    • If you want the Make Recall buttons to work, assign operatories to time blocks.
  • Recall Types: Make sure the recall types are setup as you want them.  These types determine which recall appointments are due, intervals, procedures on the recall appointment and length of recall appointment. 
  • Perio vs Prophy: By default every patient is a Prophy recall type.  To change a patient to Perio, in the Recall area click Perio. You can also add other recall types. 

Recalls will be triggered by completed procedures. To set defaults for the Recall List, see Recall Setup.


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