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Track Procedures that are Referred Out

Individual Procedures can be set as 'referred out', then tracked using the Referred Proc Tracking Report

Mark a Procedure as Referred Out

  1. On the Procedure Edit window, click [...] next to Referral to select the referral source (right side of window).

By default, this window shows only Referrals for this single procedure.  To show all referrals for the patient, whether attached to a procedure or not, click Show All.

  1. Click Refer To to add a Referral Source
  2. Single click on a referral in the master list and click OK to select.
  3. If desired, double click on the referral in the Referrals Attached grid to enter information for tracking.
    - Status:  The status will show on the Referred Proc Tracking Report. Options are Declined, Scheduled, Consulted, In Treatment, Complete.
    - Procedure: Shows the procedure abbreviation.
    - Date Proc Completed:  Enter the date when the procedure is completed.  This date determines 'completed' procedures on the Referred Procedure Tracking Report.

Usually a procedure is referred out to a single referral, but you may attach multiple referrals if needed. 

Attaching referrals to procedures is completely independent of the procedure status. Usually you will also set the Procedure status to "Referred".  When the referred treatment is completed, you can either leave the status as is, or change it to "Existing-Other" so that colors on the Graphical Tooth Chart will look the same as other completed work. 

Referral Slips
Referral Slips can be generated from here.  To use a specific referral slip template for a referral, see Referral Setup.  Once created, referral slips can be viewed in the Account or Chart modules.

Track Referred Procedures
Use the Referred Proc Tracking Report.


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