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Assigning Security Permissions

Permissions are assigned to user groups. They control a user's access to, or use of, an Open Dental feature or log a user's actions in the Audit Trail. Refer to Permissions for a list of all permissions and their behavior. If you are unsure of what permissions to assign to each user group, it may be useful to temporarily assign permissions, then adjust as you go.  We do advise that the 'Security Admin' permission only be given to the Admin user.


  • Some permissions also have a User Group Lock Date option to prevent users from entering historical data.
  • To assign permissions to an individual user, you will need to create a user group for that individual.
  1. On the Security window, select the user group. All users in the group will highlight red and the group name will show next to 'Permissions for group'.

  1. Check the box next to each permission to allow the permission. Uncheck a box to remove the permissions.
    • To automatically check all permissions except Security Admin, click Set All.
    • The Security Admin permission should only be given to the Admin user. 
  2. If a permission allows user group lock dates, this window will open when the permission is checked.

  3. To set a date limitation, enter a value in the Date or Days field. If left blank, there will be no lock date.
    • Date: Changes will only be allowed if they occur before the date entered.
    • Days: Changes will only be allowed within a set amount of days from the original entry date.
  4. Click OK to save.


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