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Open Dental is easy to use, and you may start using it right away, but it may take a few weeks or more to understand all of the basic features well. The following training resources are available to help you.

Webinars are free online training seminars moderated by Open Dental Trainers and open to participants across the globe. Free initial training is available at any time via the prerecorded or live Open Dental Basics Webinars. Other free webinar topics are also available.  See Webinars for a list of topics and dates, and to register. Refer to a getting started checklist for initial setup information that should be entered before participating in a webinar:
- Getting Started with Open Dental.pdf:  For users who are starting with a blank database.
- Post Conversion Checklist.pdf:  For users who have had a Final Data Conversion.

Online Training
Training is available via prerecorded and live Webinars.  Customized online training is available at $50/hour.

On-site training
If you would like to have on-site training by a qualified trainer, your entire staff can quickly gain the proficiency they need. This is especially helpful for offices with little or no previous computer experience. The trainer will walk you through multiple situations and provide lots of one-on-one help. The more computers you have set up, the more effective the experience will be. The computers should be set up with Open Dental ahead of time so that you can maximize the time you spend learning the program. A training day should be requested at least two weeks in advance. For on-site training fees, see Fees for Support, Software, and Training.   On-site Expectations.doc

Additional Resources.
Below are tools and resources available to help you get closer to "fully trained'.


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