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Trial Version Improvements  

This is a list of proposed changes to the demo and blank databases that come with the Trial Version. The current trial version is 17.1.35.

Add auto codes and procedure code buttons for Canadians

Version 15.4.35 to 17.1.35

  • Verified auto note prompts.
  • Days Past default value on Recall Setup window changed.
  • All printed treatment plans are formatted using the Treatment Plan sheet.
  • In Account Module Preferences, Line Item Payment Plans is turned on by default.
  • ImageFX bridge renamed to Patient Gallery.
  • In Family Module Preferences, 'InPlan option at bottom, 'Change Plan for all subscribers' is checked by default.
  • In Appointment Module Preferences ' Appointments require procedures' is checked by default.
  • In Setup, Definitions, Image Categories, Treatment Plan category defaults to a usage of 'Treatment Plans'.
  • Wiki basics page added to wiki.
  • Queries added to the User Query Favorites.
  • Canada Insurance Category Spans updated.
  • Dee Capitation added as an example of a patient with a capitation plan.
  • Paula Perio added as an example of a patient with a perio chart.

Version 14.1.18 to 15.4.35

  • Created providers for Canada.
  • Claim Form default is ADA 2012.
  • Clearinghouse format default is  5010.
  • In the Problem List, "Keep problem list alphabetized" is checked by default.
  • In Setup, Definitions, Insurance Payment Types, "Check" is the default.
  • In Setup, Manage, Messaging, Front user has a light color.
  • Installing the trial will not override data in an existing database named opendental. Instead, the current database is renamed before writing a new opendental database.
  • MDL and ML quick buttons now associated with surfaces.

Version 13.2.36 to 14.1.18

  • Trial installer executable now has the Open Dental logo on it.
  • Uncompressing progress of the trial installer now shows so that users can see that progress is being made instead of it looking like nothing is happening.

Version 12.4.41 to 13.2.36

  • Chart module only shows All and Photo Image Category tabs.
  • COB rule default is Standard instead of Basic.
  • On the Patient Edit window, the Text Message ?? behavior defaults to 'No' instead of 'Yes'.
  • Added insurance category for implants.
  • No longer able to update databases with the trial version.
  • Removed broken query examples from favorite list.
  • Added an Excuse Letter to the custom sheet defs.

Version 11.0.41 to 12.4.41 

  • Created a user called User and a user group called Regular Users which has typical permission privileges.
  • Corrected the spelling of abscess in Diagnosis.
  • Chart Module, Show tab, added a "Default View".
  • Manage Module, Backup: Restore A-Z images to this folder: now shows shows C:\OpenDentImages\ instead of C:\OpenDentalData\.
  • Added payment type Patient Refund Check.

Version 7.6 to 11.0.41

  • Recall types, added more triggers.
  • Procedure Code Tools, added a checkbox and tool for resetting the recall triggers to use D-codes instead of T-codes.
  • Implant procedures have treatment area set as tooth instead of mouth and paint type changed to implant.
  • Code D4910 Perio Maint falls under the Perio category now.
  • Added sample auto note for comp exams with common prompts.
  • Added sample allergies, medications and prescriptions
  • Changed the name of "Standard" fee schedule to "Office Fees"
  • Changed the default Provider and Hygienist names to Default Provider and Default Hygienist.
  • Changed the default practice info to "Your Practice info here".
  • Added a default blockout "lunch" or "meeting".
  • Added a watch tooth as an N1254 code and watch surface code as an N2546 code.
  • Added the watch tooth (N1254) and watch surface (N2546) to Procedure Buttons under Exams & Xrays catagory.

Version 6.9.19 to 7.6

  • Box in setup for 'allow setting individual procedures complete' is unchecked by default.
  • In Recall Setup, Postcards per Sheet was changed to 4.

Version 6.5.22 to 6.9.19

  • Emdeon clearinghouse claim export path, change from C:\WebMD\Claims\ to C:\WebMDClient\Claims\
  • Adjustment types: Remove "patient refund check" and "write off" x2
  • Recall: add default days range, add days since last reminders, ?date changed to brackets.
  • In Setup Recall, filled in the text for second and third reminders.
  • Registration Key window overhauled.
  • All procedurecode categories are now unhidden.


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