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Version 17.2

See Versions.

Version 17.2 (beta) was released on 6/29/2017.

Major Changes
Mobile Web Use Mobile Web

  • Add, delete, and move appointments in your appointment schedule.
  • Set appointment and confirmation status, appointment type, and appointment notes.
  • Add custom appointment fields.
  • View and select operatories.
  • Headquarters added to Clinic menu.

Substitution Codes: Control which procedures codes are downgraded by insurance plan. Procedure Estimate Downgrades

Task Reminders

  • Reminder tasks pop up when they are due.
  • Change any task to a reminder task type, and vice versa.
  • New option to set a one-time task reminder.

Setup Wizard: Use the setup wizard to enter the Open Dental registration key, run Procedure Code Tools, turn on features, and set up providers, operatories, and clinics.

Changes by Category

  • Filter recurring charges by date. Recurring Charges
  • Option to consider writeoff estimates in aging.
  • Force Duplication for PayConnect is available when using and EMV terminal. PayConnect: Process a Credit Card Payment
  • Ability to electronically sign PayConnect transactions when using an EMV terminal. PayConnect
  • When adding an adjustment attached to a procedure, if the remaining balance is less than 0, user will receive warning message. Adjustments
  • Allocated tab added to Payment window. Shows the payment's current pay split allocation.
  • Date column label changed to Proc Date in Payment window, Payment Splits grid. Payment window
  • (procedure date) field removed from Pay Split window. Pay Split window
  • When attaching a procedure to a pay split, the Select Procedure window shows more details. Pay Split window
  • Account module preferences organized into three tabs. Account Module Preferences
  • Preference for 'Invoices payments grid show writeoffs' determines if insurance writeoffs are included in the Payments grid on invoices.
  • Preference for 'Patient Payments allow future dated debits' determines if users can enter future-dated payments. Account Module Preferences
  • Preference for 'Patient Payments Use' determines which clinic is assigned by default to patient payments. Account Module Preferences



  • On Insurance Claims window, History grid, added a user column and right click options. ClaimPrinted added as a status and filter option.
  • Enhancements to Claim Forms window. Printed Claim Form Setup
  • Printed ADA 2012 claim form uses Patient Number for box 23 (PatientID) instead of SSN. ADA 2012 Claim Form
  • Enter Quick Paste Notes when recording claim status history. Edit Claim window - Status History Tab
  • On Denti-Cal claim form, print up to 15 procedures (instead of 10). Denti-Cal
  • When creating a preauthorization for a patient with only one active plan, user is no longer prompted to select insurance or relationship to patient. Preauthorizations
  • For Canada, when an EOB claim response is created, insurance paid amounts are automatically entered. For Preauthorizations, the amount paid is entered as an estimate. Canada - Claims
  • For Canada, preview claim acknowledgments before printing. Canada: Send Claims and Retrieve Reports
  • The OpenDentalService can process clearinghouse reports.
  • Clearinghouse passwords are masked. Clearinghouse Setup



Interface Changes


  • Edit Popop (other users) permission allows/blocks user from editing or deleting popups created by other users. Permissions
  • Assign specific report permissions to CEMT users.
  • InsuranceCarrierCombine permission allows/blocks a user from combining insurance carriers. Permissions
  • InsurancePlanCombine permission allows/blocks a user from combining insurance plans. Permissions
  • Restrict user access to specific reports.
  • 'Change existing Ins Plan using Pick from List' permission allows user to pick a new plan before dropping a plan. Permissions
  • Set up automatic Open Dental log in when logged in to a Windows domain user.
  • When changing the user on a Task, user is prompted to enter their password. Tasks


  • Reminder tasks pop up when they are due.
  • Change any task to a task reminder and vice versa.


  • Allow backdating and deleting of specific procedures (with a $0 fee) by bypassing global lock date. Edit Procedure Codes
  • Right click option to block incoming text messages from specific mobile numbers. Text Messaging Inbox
  • Exclude specific exam sheet defs from the Global Lock Date.
  • DBM to fix invalid dates for all date columns. Database Maintenance
  • DateTStamp column added to the LabCase table. Programming Resources
  • OrthoCad bridge. Bridge - OrthoCAD
  • Static text fields dateLastBW, dateLastExam, dateLastPanoFMX, dateLastPerio, and dateLastProphy are based on the first five characters of the procedure code. Static Text Fields
  • Ability to cancel out of an auto note, save responses and unanswered prompts, then return at a later time to complete it. Auto Notes
  • Column headers in wiki lists wrap. Wiki Lists
  • Lab Fee field added to Edit Lab Case window. Creating a Dental Lab Case
  • Aging of A/R Report updated to complex report system.
  • Key range columns and 'enable random primary keys' removed from Replication Setup window. Only will show when random primary keys are already enabled. Replication: Add Servers and Designate a Slave Monitor
  • Option to add a default procedure note for treatment planned procedures.
  • On Fill Sheet window, separate buttons for Print and Email. Filling Out Sheets
  • All treatment plan calculations are saved with a treatment plan, regardless of the 'show' options selected at time of save. Treatment Plans
  • Commlog button and fields for email address, SS#, Patient Status, and Billing Type added to the Add Family window. Enter New Patients by Family
  • Saved treatment plans will retain the insurance estimate information of the plan at the time of the save, even if it is later dropped and a discount plan is added instead. Treatment Plan
  • Additional property added to TigerView bridge to set the DOB year to a four digit format. TigerView
  • Clinical Summ button added to EHR dashboard. EHR Dashboard
  • Discount plans can be dropped only. Delete option is removed. Discount Plans
  • Warning message displays when changing the name of a custom patient field. Custom Patient Field
  • When there is a version mismatch in a 'restored' database, Open Dental must be relaunched and updated before opening the restored database. Backup/Restore Tool
  • Unhandled Exception window has new Copy All, Print, and Quit buttons. Users can only quit Open Dental when a UE appears. Unhandled Exceptions


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