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Version 17.4

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Version 17.4 (beta) was released on 12/28/2017.

Major Changes
Web Sched Verify: Send automated verification when a patient successfully books a Recall, New Patient, or ASAP appointment using Web Sched.

  • Customize the message template per clinic.
  • Send text, email, or both. Text and email is the default.

ASAP Appointments

  • Planned, unscheduled, and recall appointments can be added to the ASAP list.
  • Send Web Sched ASAP messages for these appointments.

Account Collections using Transworld Systems Interface

  • Send past due accounts to collections using the Transworld program link.
  • Manage accounts in the Transworld window, including suspending and canceling collections.
  • Accept payments directly through Transworld.

Changes by Category


  • Preference to add compounding interest to finance charges in the Finance/Billing Charges window.
  • 'Allow storing credit card numbers' preference removed from Account Module preferences.
  • Add adjustments for multiple procedures using Add Multiple in the Adjustment dropdown or by right-clicking the Account module grid.
  • Preference to allow/block emailing of credit card receipts.
  • Set a default processing method for PayConnect in the program link.
  • Speed enhancements to processes involving fees.
  • Enforce Valid Adjustments preference can force adjustment provider to match attached procedure.
  • View number of patients attached to a discount plan in the Discount Plans window, Pats column.


  • Planned, unscheduled, and recall appointments can be added to the ASAP list. Send Web Sched ASAP messages for these appointments.
  • Option to create blockout types that do not allow appointment scheduling.
  • Option to create blockout types that do not allow cut/copy/paste.
  • Create and edit "No Schedule" and "Don't cut copy paste" blockouts without the blockout permission.
  • Appointment module preferences has two categories: appearance and behavior.
    Preference to set a default length for appointments without attached procedures.
  • Add scheduling notes to an operatory. Right click operatory name to view notes.
  • Add scheduling notes per clinic.
  • View net production and patient portion in an appointment view.
  • Sent eReminders and eConfirmations show in the Communications Log grid of the Edit Appointment window.
  • Appointments cannot be made for patients marked Archived as a result of a patient merge.


  • Save default dunning and general messages per clinic.


  • New command line available fields added for custom program links.
  • CADI bridge.
  • HDX WILL bridge.
  • New substitution output text field for [Address2] added for custom bridges.
  • New Replacement field added for birthday (yyyy-MM-dd).


  • The override button in the E-Trans preview window is disabled if EOB or Pre EOB is invalid.


  • Preference to merge procedures notes when multiple users attempt to edit concurrently.
  • RCT paint type added for primary teeth.
  • Allow saving XVWeb images from the Chart module.
  • XVWeb images show as thumbnails as they are downloaded in the Chart module.
  • Referral letters can show tooth chart, including procedures and tooth chart legend.
  • When an email is sent by a logged-on user, the logged-on user's name shows in the User column of the Chart module.


  • Hidden clinics don't show in the list accessed from the Clinics menu button, when there are more than 30 clinics.
  • Show Hidden cannot be accessed from the Clinics button in the main menu.
  • Turning clinics off when eServices are enabled triggers a popup to disable or keep eServices.
  • Clinics may be turned off without disabling texting service.


  • 17.4.12 - New ePrescribing option with DoseSpot. Features two-way medication syncing, proxy clinicians, and provider notifications for prescriptions ready to send.


  • Alert notifies user about appointments scheduled via Web Sched ASAP.
  • eReminder limit per appointment removed.
  • Patients can request to be notified of an earlier opening in the Web Sched Recall portal.
  • Aggregated text/email eConfirmation message can be customized.
  • An alert indicates when the eConnector is down.
  • Patient Portal access improvements.
  • New preference either forces Web Sched New Patient phone numbers to be 10 digit format or allows any format.
  • Text Messaging window limited to 100 messages. Use paging buttons to see additional texts if over 100.
  • Patient Portal one-time passwords are 8 random characters.
  • Appointments with "Arrived" or "In Room" status are excluded from eReminders and eConfirmations.


  • Patient merge improvements.
  • Prompt to remove future appointments for patients marked "deceased".
  • Check for duplicate patients from the Add Family window.
  • Referral sources can be designated "preferred".
  • Option to view merged patients in the Select Patient window.
  • Search for patients by invoice number in the Select Patient window.
  • Preference to automatically sync the email address of the guarantor to all family members in the Add Family window.


  • Show Hidden checkbox for procedure codes can only be accessed from Lists, Procedure Codes.
  • Removed 'Import eCW' button from the Fee Tools window. Fee Tools
  • Update writeoff estimates independently from fee schedules in the Fee Tools window.
  • Run Global Fee Update for multiple clinics at once.


  • Access other parts of Open Dental while the Batch Insurance Payments window is open, when accessed from the Manage module.
  • Access other parts of Open Dental while the Insurance Payment (EOB) window is open, when accessed from the Batch Insurance Payments window.
  • Filter outstanding claims in the Insurance Payment (EOB) window by ClaimID.
  • Search outstanding claims by full name in the Insurance Payment (EOB) window.
  • Preference to allow future dated insurance payments.
  • Request benefit information for non-subscribers.
  • Add tracking status directly to claims.
  • Detailed progress bar added to Get Reports function in Insurance Claims window.
  • Attach supplemental payments (claim reversals and claim correcitons) to their claims in the ERA window.
  • Customize the default format of a new Claim ID using Claim Identification Prefix in Account Module Preferences, Insurance tab.
  • Warn users that claims are being sent with ICD-9 codes. Option to change to ICD-10 or remove code.
  • Insurance Verification time calculation enhancements.
  • Added a Carrier Group Names Definition.
  • ERAs that are split by procedure can be matched and processed together.
  • New Medicaid COB rule for secondary insurance.


  • Sort the Outstanding Charges grid by column. Filter by date range, provider, clinic, patient, code, and amount ending.
  • Checkbox determines if superfamily member charges and splits show in the payment window.
  • Merged Force users to attach procedures to adjustments with Enforce Valid Adjustments in Account Module Preferences.
  • Allow users to pre-select account charges when adding a new payment.
  • The "Prefer this patient" checkbox only shows if the family has multiple patients.
  • Preference to remove prompt that suggests allocating unearned income when creating a claim.
  • Associate paysplits rigorously.


  • In the Unearned Income Report, filter out families that have a zero net dollar unearned income balance.
  • Add favorite reports to a sub menu when hovering over Standard Reports in the main menu.
  • Birthday Report date range includes year.
  • Released User Queries show in a sub menu when hovering over User Query in the main menu.
  • Daily Payments Report preference to show payment splits by provider or not.
  • Sort the Treatment Finder report by column heading.
  • Web Sched ASAP appointments added to the Web Sched Appointments report.
  • Unfinalized payments show on the Reports window.
  • Two providers with the same first and last name can run Production and Income and Daily Payments reports when one of the providers has the permission to do so.
  • New Custom Aging report allows users to choose which transactions to include.
  • Exclude archived patients from the Aging of AR report.
  • Run the Graphic Reports on a report server.
  • The Outstanding Insurance Claims report has its own Display Fields category, allowing report customization.
  • New filter options for Outstanding Insurance Claims report.
  • Patient date of birth field added to Outstanding Insurance Claims report.
  • Deleted providers no longer show on reports.
  • Three Unearned Income reports in the Unearned Income reports window.
  • Unfinalized Payments Report enhancements.
  • The writeoff estimates optionally aged in the aging report are now aged by procedure date instead of claimsnapshot date.
  • In the P&I report, optionally show both procedure date for writeoff estimates and insurance pay date for writeoff adjustments using the "both" radio button.
  • P&I and Daily Payments reports have a separate checkbox to include Unearned Income independently of attached provider.
    • Unearned Allocation report
    • Net Unearned Income report
    • Line Item Unearned Income report


  • Interface changes to the Security window.
    • Users tab shows a user's group as well as effective permissions.
    • User Groups tab shows the permissions for the group, as well as all users in the group. Use this tab to assign permissions by group.
  • Logging off of Open Dental now triggers an OK/No prompt. Set default behavior with a preference.
  • Security log created when an existing patient is moved to a different family, or patient information is changed and saved.
  • Permission to restrict editing fee schedules from the Setup and Lists menus.
  • Referral Edit permission is tracked in the audit trail.
  • New Recall Edit permission.
  • Perio Chart Edit permission is tracked in the audit trail.
  • New Procedure Code Edit permission.
  • When a task is deleted, an entry is made in the security log that records the tasknum of the deleted task
  • Filter the audit trail based on the last time a trail item was edited.
  • Security Admin permission audit trail tracks permissions granted and revoked for user groups, and which permissions they were.
  • Claim History Edit permission has a user group lock date instead of a global lock date.

Lock dates are no longer considered when procedures have a status of EO or EC.
Set a tab order for comboboxes on sheets.
Add a CDT procedure code to a printed prescription.
Use the Int Link button to add a new page in the wiki.
Option to hide unused DBM tools in the DBM window.
An error indicates when an incorrect password is entered in the ServiceManager during an installation attempt.
Use customizable sheets to print ERAs.
Use an internal MD5 hash algorithm implementation instead of the .NET framework cryptography implementation.
Permission to edit, receive, and delete preauthorizations.
Preference to display patient field defs that have been renamed.
Pharmacy information auto populates in the Edit Rx window for electronic prescriptions.
Access Quick Paste Notes through the Setup menu.
Output text fields for Rx Sheets have been renamed and have new functionality.
Query Favorites are searchable.
Add specialities to patient clones without Clinics enabled.
Preference to send Unhandled Exception report directly to Open Dental support.
Progress notes update when tooth selections are changed in the tooth chart. 'Show Selected Teeth' must be checked.
New audit trail column displays the date and time of the change before last.
Delete procedures that are attached to a pre-authorization.
Users can be associated to multiple user groups.
The billing list can be run for multiple specific clinics.
Apteryx images can be saved to the Open Dental Images module.
An alert appears when the MySQL server has more than half the allowed connections.
RxNorm codes are now used to standardize medications in the United States.
Statements show patnums after the patient's name for an individual and in a column for a superfamily.
FHIR includes allergies, medications, and conditions.
Denti-Cal testing for new SFTP paths.
Only users with security admin permissions can change user permissions in CEMT.
CEMT users can change their password without calling Open Dental support, if they have security admin permissions.

Improvements to overallocation warning messages.
Load time improvements in Account module.
Removed SecurityLogInvalidKeyDBM.
Improved update speed.
Open Dental generally uses less memory.
eConnector service enhancements.
Enhancements to the Select Patient window.
Speed enhancements to Middle Tier. Middle Tier
Display Field window enhancements.


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