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Payment Plans (version 16.2 - 17.2) 

For payment plans in version 17.3 and greater, see Payment Plans.
For payment plans before version 16.2, see Payment Plans version 16.1 and earlier.

Payment plans are essentially a loan to a patient, with responsibility for payment falling to the payment plan guarantor. Credits attached to the plan determine the amount subtracted from the total account balance. Credits can be associated to completed and/or treatment planned procedures or entered as an unallocated credit. Payment plans are especially useful in Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, and when tracking expected insurance installment payments.

In the Account module, the Payment Plans grid lists all payment plans (and Installment Plans) associated with the family.

Patients can have multiple payment plans, and each plan can have a different guarantor.

Create a Patient Payment Plan
   Insurance Payment Plan: Track expected insurance installment payments
   Payment Plan window: Description of options
   Sign and Print Payment Plan Terms
      Customize Printed Payment Plans Using Sheets
   Payment Plan Examples: Common payment plan scenarios
Enter a Payment on a Payment Plan
Recalculate Payment Plans
Payment Plan Report
Close Payment Plans

Line Item Payment Plans vs Original Payment Plans: Whether payment plan credits, debits, and payments show in the account ledger and affect balances and aging is determined by the setting in Account Module Preference for 'Display PayPlanCharges as line items in Account module and Aging of A/R'. See Line Item Payment Plans vs Original Payment Plans for a detailed description of each method.

For either line item or original, payment plans always show in the grid and on statements if the patient or guarantor for the payment plan is in the current family. Closeout charges and payment plan credits will always post to the patient of the payment plan.

Billing: Payment plan amounts due are always included when you run Billing. The amount due for the payment plan shows in the last column of the list of generated bills. Bills are triggered to be printed a set number of days in advance of when the payment is actually due. The number of days can be changed in Manage Module Preferences. The payment plan info will show in a separate grid on each bill/statement. The amortization charges that show are determined by the date range of the statement. The amount due on a payment plan will be added to the total amount due at the top of a statement.


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