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Enter Payments to a Plan Payment (version 17.2 and earlier)

Most practices enter Payment Plan payments from the account of the person making the payment, typically the guarantor. However in certain situations it can be a different account, for example when one parent is the guarantor and the other parent makes the payment.

Entering a Patient Payment Plan Payment

  1. Select the account.
  2. Click Payment.
  3. Enter the payment information (clinic, date, amount, payment type).
  4. (optional) Use the Pay Split Manager to attach pay splits to payment plan charges that are currently due. The splits will show in the Payment Splits grid.
  5. If you have integrated with a Credit Card, click X-Charge or PayConnect to process the charge. When successful, the charge details will populate the Note box.
  6. Click OK on the Payment window to complete the payment.

    If there are no pay splits, you will be prompted to attach the payment to a payment plan. Open Dental will list payment plans the patient is a guarantor for and payment plans for family members. Highlight the payment plan, then click OK to create a single split associated to the payment plan.

    Note: To only make a payment and not attach it to a payment plan, click None on the Attach to payment plan window.

Entering an Insurance Payment Plan Payment
As you Enter Insurance Payments, if the patient on the claim matches the patient on the payment plan, and the payment plan has a balance, the payment will attach to the payment plan.

Viewing Payment Plan Payments
If line item payment plans is turned on, payment plan payments will show as a line item in the account ledger.

If using original payment plans (line item payment plans is not turned on), payment plan payments can only be viewed in the amortization schedule. Double click the payment plan in the Payment Plans grid to open it.

Questions and Answers
Q: I attached a payment to a payment plan by mistake. How do I detach it?
A: For each pay split in the payment, detach the payment plan:

  1. Open the payment.
  2. Double click on a Payment Split.
  3. Uncheck the Attached to Payment Plan box.
  4. Click OK to save.

Q: The patient wants to pay off the payment plan. How do I determine how much is owed?
A: The Balance column in the main Payment Plan grid shows the amount that will pay off the payment plan at that exact moment. However, it does not account for any mismatches between Tx Completed Amt and the PrincPaid amount, so closing a payment plan may incur a charge that is different than the Balance.


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