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Web Sched Logic

Before you can send Web Sched emails to patients, contact Open Dental to sign up , then set up the service. See Web Sched Setup.

How Operatory / Appointment Openings are Determined

  • Only operatories marked as 'Is Web Sched' are considered. See Operatory Setup.
  • The hygienist should be set as the primary or secondary provider for the operatory in Operatory Setup, or the hygienist and operatory should be assigned to the time block in Schedule Setup.
  • Blockouts are not considered 'available' time.
  • Appointment length is determined by recall type (time patterns) and start/end times are based on the time increment of the appointment schedule.
  • There can be multiple operatories with openings. 
    If an appointment is scheduled using 'First Available' provider as the criteria, the operatory on the farthest left of the schedule (order of 1) is selected.

When using Clinics: It is important to assign patients to a clinic. To determine openings, Web Sched will check operatories assigned to the patient's clinic. If patient is not assigned to a clinic, Web Sched will use the clinic of the last scheduled or completed appointment. If no clinic can be determined, only time slots in unassigned operatories are considered (operatories flagged 'IsWebSched' that have no clinic assignment).

How Providers are Assigned: Providers are assigned based on operatory.

Scheduled Appointments: When a patient schedules an appointment using Web Sched, the appointment instantly shows up in the Appointments schedule.  Appointment length is determined by recall type.


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