Setting up the CEMT

Some setup is required before using the Central Enterprise Management Tool (CEMT).

Configure the CentralManagerConfig.xml File

This step is required before you can launch the CentralManager.exe file (open the Central Manager main window).

  1. Right click on CentralManagerConfig.xml and save it in the Open Dental installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Open Dental).
  2. Locate the file, then open it. Right click on the file and select Open with... Notepad. It will look similar to the following:
  3. Change the ComputerName and Database name as needed. For the database, place a blank copy of a database in the C:\mysql\data folder. Rename it to identify it as the central manager database (e.g. dbcentral). The database must be using the same version of Open Dental so you may need to Update it.
  4. If the central manager database is hosted on a Middle Tier server, you must also add a new middle tier XML node for the URI: <MiddleTierAddr></MiddleTierAddr>. Add it directly under the password node.

Other Setup

Once the CEMT is launched, you can set up database connections and define users, permissions, and other security settings.