Manually Fix DBM Errors

When you run a Database Maintenance check, some errors need to be fixed manually. These cases are indicated clearly in the log results. Below are examples of results, how to fix errors, and why they may occur.

This list is in progress. Each field may not have a description.

Database Maintenance Check Name Open Dental Text Explanation Manual Fix Why it Happens
AppointmentCompleteWithTpAttached Completed appointments with treatment planned procedures attached Completed appointments have treatment planned procedures attached. Manually delete the procedures, set them complete, or detach them from appointment. A completed appointment was opened, procedures were highlighted, then Cancel was clicked instead of OK. Cancel does not undo the selection of procedures, so they may remain treatment-planned.
AppointmentScheduledWithCompletedProcs Scheduled appointments with completed procedures attached

Scheduled appointments have completed procedures attached.

If the appointments are in the past, manually set each appointment complete or set each procedure's status to treatment planned.

If the appointments are in the future, the procedures will detach from the appointment once the notification is received. Manually revisit each appointment and reattach the procedures.

Procedures were set complete from the Chart Module but the appointments they were attached to were not set complete.
BenefitsWithPartialDuplicatesForInsPlan Insurance plans with partial duplicate benefits found

Multiple benefits on a single insurance plan are nearly identical except they have differing Percent or MonetaryAmts

In Lists, Insurance Plans double-click the matching insurance plan to open it, then double-click benefit information to open the Edit Benefits window. Check that the box in the top left called Simplified View is unchecked, then look through the benefits list to find any duplicates, double clicking and deleting them. Click OK twice to close the windows.

Either a duplicate benefit was entered manually, or in an older version a bug sometimes created a duplicate benefit when adding a plan to a patient and changing benefit information.

ClaimMissingProcedures Claims with missing procedures Claims missing all claim procedure information (e.g., codes, descriptions, etc) Note any necessary claim information (e.g., date sent, etc.), delete the claim, recreate the claim with the correct procedures, re-enter any information from the deleted claim. A bug in an older version of Open Dental caused this issue to occur sometimes when processing payments for ERAs.

Claim payment sums found incorrect

Insurance payments amounts do not match the amounts of the claims they are attached to. Edit the claim's Ins Pay or insurance payment amount so that they match.

After an insurance payment has been finalized, a user has re-opened the insurance payment window and manually adjusted the Ins Pay amount so that it no longer matches the sum of payment amounts from the attached claim(s). Edits to insurance payments are logged in the audit trail under Permission InsPayEdit.

ClaimPaymentsNotPartialWithNoClaimProcs Insurance payments with no claims attached that are not marked as partial Insurance payments are not marked as Partial, yet they have no insurance claims attached. In Batch Insurance, find the insurance payment and delete it.

ClaimProcs for preauths with status not preauth

Insurance estimates attached to a preauthorization do not have a status of PreAuthorization. Find the preauthorization and open it. Click OK. A message should appear saying Status of procedures was changed back to preauth to match status of claim. The status of the insurance estimate was manually changed.
ClaimProcStatusNotMatchClaim ClaimProcs with status not matching claim found Insurance estimates attached to a claim have a status that does not match the claim status. In the Account Module, double-click the claim. If the claim is marked as received but the insurance estimate isn't, click OK to mark all procedures as received. If the claim isn't marked as received, open the insurance estimate and change its status to match the claim. The claim has a received status, but not all procedures in the claim have a received status. In most cases, the status of the insurance estimate was manually changed.
ClaimProcWriteOffNegative Negative writeoffs found Patients with procedures have negative writeoff amounts. Go to the patients listed and manually correct the write-off amounts on the insurance estimates. A negative writeoff amount was entered.
ClaimProcsWithPartialDuplicates ClaimProcs with partial duplicates found Only occurs on Canada databases. There is a duplicate claimproc on the claim and a duplicate estimate on the procedure. Navigate to the claim and delete the duplicate claim procedures.
DepositsWithIncorrectAmount Deposit sums found incorrect Deposits amounts do not match the payments they are attached to. Edit the deposit so that its amount matches the payments it is attached to.
NotesWithTooMuchWhiteSpace Notes with too much white space Searches for notes that have too many consecutive spaces, tabs, or carriage returns. Automatically fixed. No manual fix needed. Can occur when copy/pasting content.
PatientsNoClinicSet Patients with no Clinic assigned The office has clinics enabled, but there are patients with no clinic set. Edit the patient's info to assign them a clinic. No clinic was assigned to the patient.
PatientPriProvHidden Hidden providers with patients There are patients whose primary provider has been marked as hidden from the list of providers. Either unhide the provider, or go to Lists, Providers to move all patients from the hidden provider to another provider. A provider was marked as hidden before reassigning patients.
PatPlanOrdinalDuplicates PatPlan duplicate ordinals Insurance plan entries for a patient have the same ordinal. Go into each account's Family Module, double-click the secondary insurance plan and set Order to 2.
PayPlanChargeProvNum Pay plans with charges that have providers missing Payment plan charges do not have a provider set. Open the payment plan and double-click on the charge. Set the provider on the charge.
PaySplitAttachedToInsurancePaymentPlan Paysplits and/or ClaimPayments are attached to payment plan with the incorrect type. Find problem payments and detach them from payment plans. Paysplits or ClaimPayments accidentally got attached to a payment plan with the incorrect type.
PaySplitWithInvalidPrePayNum Paysplits attached to deleted prepayments. A prepayment was deleted after it was allocated to a pay split. In the Account Module, double-click the allocated pay split (transfer) and delete it. In past versions we allowed users to delete prepayments that were allocated.

Users with duplicates

Multiple user accounts that are not hidden have the same username. Go to Setup, Security and hide all but one of each unique user. Duplicate user accounts were created but one of them was not hidden.