Dental School Enhancements

Open Dental works well in Dental Schools, but there are a number of enhancements that would make it even more attractive.

Dispensary: Select a student, then scan items to check out to that student. Check in any items as they arrive without selecting student first. This functionality can be easily handled by a third-party software temporarily until it becomes available in Open Dental.

Dental Lab Cases: Dental Lab Cases could use better support for cases that go back and forth to the lab, redos, multiple visits, etc.

Reports: There are few reports for schedules, grades, requirements, or instructors. Of course, User Queries gives large organizations all the power they could want. Also, external reporting tools can access the database if needed.

Assign Patients: Currently, a patient is assigned to a provider by setting the primary provider in the Patient Edit window. AxiUm allows/forces assigning providers for a date range corresponding to their clinical rotation. There is only a slight advantage to doing this. Very little functionality is lost by not having rigorous assignment of patients.

Web Version: A few dental schools have insisted that they need web based software. This would reduce the burden of installing software on each machine. It could also potentially allow shifting the hardware offsite to a hosting facility if the school is willing to give up that control and is prepared to pay the associated costs. A web version geared for dental schools is not one of our short-term goals.