Discount Plan

Discount Plan can only be attached to patients who have no insurance.

  1. In the Family Module, select the patient.
  2. In the Main Toolbar, click Discount Plan.
  3. Select the Discount Plan to apply. It will list under a Discount Plan area (replaces the Insurance Plan area).

Double click in the Discount Plan area to change the plan's description, adjustment type, or fee schedule.

View Discount Amounts in the Treatment Plan Module

In the Treatment Plan module, fee estimates will consider the discount plan. To show the discount amount in the Procedures grid:

  1. Add DPlan to TreatmentPlanModule in Display Fields.
  2. In the Treatment Plan, double click the unsaved Treatment Plan (active or inactive), and set the Plan Type to Discount.

Drop a Discount Plan

There are two ways to drop a discount plan from a patient:

  1. In the Family Module, select the patient, double click the discount plan area, then click Drop on the Discount Plan Edit window.
  2. In the Family Module, select the patient, then click the Discount Plan dropdown, Drop Discount Plan.

Merge Discount Plans

Merging discount plans will combine two discount plans into one and reassign patients as needed. To merge, the fee schedules of each plan must differ. This is useful when you create a discount plan by mistake, or want to discontinue a plan.

  1. In the Main Menu, click List, Discount Plans.
  2. Click Merge.
  3. Plan to merge into: Click Change and select the discount plan to keep. This plan will be assigned to all patients who have the from plan.
  4. Plan to merge from: Click Change and select the discount plan to remove. Patients who have this discount plan will be reassigned the into plan.
  5. Click Merge.
  6. A confirmation message will show. Click Yes to proceed.
  7. A message will indicate when plans merged successfully. Click OK.

Remove/Hide Discount Plans

Hidden discount plans will not show in the Discount Plan list unless Show Hidden is selected. Only discount plans not associated to patients can be hidden.

  1. In the Main Menu, click Lists, Discount Plans.
  2. Double click the discount plan to hide.
  3. Check the Hidden box.
  4. Click OK to save.