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Purchasing Q & A

Open Dental's EHR Fees coincide with EHR incentive payments. EHR contracts cover one calendar year of EHR functionality and reporting and 12 months of support. They must be renewed annually.

What is my first step?

Fill out the EHR Purchase form. See Open Dental EHR. A support technician will contact you. It may take a day or two of communication before the process is complete.

I am using Open Dental EHR and want to continue in the new year. What do I need to know?

Contact us to sign a contract for the new year, then update to the most recent certified version. See EHR Modified Stage 2 for reporting requirements.

What is the EHR $720 per provider fee?

This is the calendar year fee per provider for EHR functionality and reporting. Our EHR fee is based on a calendar year. You will never pay more than $720 per provider for an EHR incentive payment year.

I am already under a support contract for Open Dental. If I sign an EHR contract, will my monthly fee double?

You will never be double charged for monthly support.

Why do I have to pay for support if I only attested for AIU and am not using the software?

12 months of support is part of the EHR purchase agreement whether or not you use the software. While it is not a requirement to use the software for Medicaid's incentive payment year 1 (AIU), we encourage you to do so.

I am beginning Year 2 in the EHR Incentive Program, which requires 90 days of Meaningful Use. I am currently using another software but want to convert to Open Dental. What should I do?

The Conversion process may take one to two months, and the learning curve can be a few months more. When making your plans, allow sufficient time to convert, learn the software, then learn EHR requirements before starting a reporting period.

General Q & A

What is Modified Stage 2?On October 7, 2015, CMS released a new Final Rule that makes the reporting requirements for meaningful use easier for 2015 through 2017. Now there is one single set of 10 objectives to replace the core and menu structure of stages 1 and 2. See EHR Modified Stage 2.

How does Modified Stage 2 affect my reporting for 2016?

  • If you are attesting for AIU, there is no change.
  • If you are scheduled to demonstrate meaningful use, follow the guidelines for EHR Modified Stage 2 (10 objectives).

What is the difference between Participation Year, Meaningful Use (MU) Year and Stage of MU?

CMS uses each term to identify a progression through the EHR Incentive Program.

  • Incentive Payment Year/Participation Year: Corresponds to the number of years you have received an incentive payment. For Medicare, the years must be consecutive and the participation year will match the year of MU. For Medicaid, the years do not need to be consecutive. The participation year usually differs from the MU year by 1 since most providers choose to Adopt, Implement or Upgrade in year 1.
  • Year of MU: Corresponds to the number of years you have demonstrated meaningful use of a certified EHR software for a reporting period.
  • Stage of MU: Refers to the MU criteria that must be met in a participation year. Prior to October 2015, providers typically demonstrated criteria for each stage for two years, then move to the next stage. As of October 2015, there is a single set of criteria for all providers called Modified Stage 2. Medicaid providers do not need to demonstrate MU in participation year 1.

What is the difference between a Complete EHR and a Modular EHR?

EHR providers can choose a complete 2014 Edition certified technology or combine one or more certified EHR modules to create a complete certified EHR technology.

Open Dental is a complete 2014 edition EHR technology that meets all certification criteria.
  • Complete EHR: EHR technology that meets all of the government's requirements for a qualified EHR and has been tested and certified by one of the federally approved certification bodies. It meets all mandatory 2014 Edition EHR certification criteria so you only need to install one system from one vendor.
  • Modular EHR: EHR technology that is certified to at least one of the 2014 Edition EHR certification criteria, but not all. Providers can combine several certified modular EHRs so that together, they meet all the requirements of a qualified EHR.

For a detailed definition of complete vs. modular, go to the Certified Health IT Product List, search for a 2014 product, then scroll to the end of the search results under the About Product Classifications heading.

What is an Objective / Measure?

In Modified Stage 2, there is a single set of 10 objectives. Within each objective is a measure (or measures) that a provider must satisfy to demonstrate meaningful use. Some measures have an exclusion that a provider may or may not qualify for. In addition, providers must report on EHR Clinical Quality Measures. Open Dental calculates 9 CQMs.

What is a Reporting Period?

The period of time for which an Eligible Professional (EP) must demonstrate meaningful use of a certified EHR software. The duration of the reporting period depends on your incentive payment year.

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