Legacy eRx Drug Formulary Checks

Drug formulary checking is only available in the comprehensive version of Legacy eRx. For EHR measure details, see EHR Objective 4: ePrescribing.

Insurance: Insurance information from Open Dental is not passed to Legacy eRx.

Required Setup: You must complete two steps to set up drug formulary checks:

  1. Add health plans to your eRx Account Healthplan/Formulary list. Health plans are preloaded in Legacy eRx.
  2. Attach health plans/formularies to patients.

If you cannot find the desired plan, try a different or shorter version of the name. Contact customersupport@newcroprx.com with the missing plan. Medimedia currently provides information for 3400 plans nationally and will endeavor to add any missing ones.

Once set up, checks will occur automatically when you Writing and Transmitting Legacy eRx Prescriptions.

Add health plans to your account list

  1. In the Chart Module, click eRx to open the Legacy eRx interface.
  2. Click the Admin tab in the upper right corner.
  3. Under Lists, click Account Healthplan List.
  4. Click Add additional healthplans.
  5. Check the boxes next to all health plan(s) you want as options for patients, then click Add To List. By default, choices for your state are listed. You can also search for national accounts.

All selected health plans should now list under the Current Account Healthplan / Formulary List.

Attach a health plan/formulary to a patient

  1. In Open Dental, select the patient, then open Legacy eRx.
  2. Click the Pt. Details tab.
  3. Click the appropriate dropdown for the health plan (Primary, Secondary, etc.) then select the patient's health plan. Only plans added to the Current Healthplan / Formulary list will show.
  4. Click Save Insurance / Formulary.

The health plan is now attached to this patient. Legacy eRx will automatically check the formulary whenever drugs are searched and indicate formulary status.