Imaging Improvements

The Imaging Module is fully functional to replace other imaging software, but some users require certain improvements before they feel that they can switch to it. We list the improvements below, in the order that we plan to work on them. Each improvement is prefixed by its Feature Request number so that you can look at comments from other users.

Complete in Version 21.3, not released yet

1708 - Open multiple images at once. Drag to other screen if desired.

1096- (nearly complete) Text on images and mounts.


These features are planned, but it's impossible to give time estimates.

13365 - Show mounts in the chart thumbnails.

1096 - Drawing, lines, and measurements.

14033 - Edit existing mounts. Example: change the type of mount. Example: add a 5th image to a 4BW mount.

Graphical buttons on toolbar for mounts instead of a dropdown.

Tile and arrange multiple images on the screen

Magnifier tool


The following features sound good, but we're not quite sure what the implementation might look like yet.

Automatically sort images by type (pan, ceph, BWs, PAs, IO images, videos, DSLR images)

Automatically sort images by date within each type.

Sort by properties

Allow images to not be in folder categories. Maybe treat them differently than documents so that user does not need to select a folder first. Maybe organize them automatically.

Better filter application defaults