Legacy eRx Allergies

In Legacy eRx a patient's allergies are listed under the Compose Rx tab. Legacy eRx uses the allergies entered here when checking for Legacy eRx Drug-Drug, Drug-Allergy Interaction Checks. Allergies entered in Open Dental are not currently passed to Legacy eRx; you must manually enter them.

To add an allergy:

  1. Click Allergy / Intolerance.
  2. Enter all or part of the allergy (brand, ingredient, or drug category such as NSAID), then click Search For Allergy. You can also select a Common Allergy / Intolerance, or add a non-drug allergy if a match is not found.
  3. Click the drop down to select the allergy severity level and onset date. Enter any notes.
  4. Click Save Allergy. It will be added to the list.