Legacy eRx Medications

In Legacy eRx, a patient's current medications are listed under the Compose Rx tab. Legacy eRx uses the medications entered here when doing Drug Interaction Checks. When you write and transmit an electronic prescription, the medication will automatically list here. However, medications entered directly in Open Dental are not currently passed to Legacy eRx; you must manually enter them.

If a patient's current medication is not listed:

  1. Click the Med Entry tab.
  2. If needed, change the provider in the upper left and enter the start date.
  3. Enter the first few characters of the drug name, then click Drug Search.
  4. Select the strength.
  5. (optional) To enter more details about the med, click EDIT, select the information, then click Save Rx.
  6. Click Select to move to Current Meds in the upper left.

The medication will be added to the Current Medications list with a tan background to indicate it was added via the Med Entry tab.

To discontinue a current medication, check the pink Select box, then click D/C. The medication will also be marked discontinued in Open Dental when the Chart module is refreshed (a Stop Date will be entered). To change a current medication, click EDIT.